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Life at home has never been easier. Most people nowadays are probably using automated thermostats and lighting, but integrating to full home automation can be a great investment as well as time and money saver. Whether you desire to have a home theater or you want all that a home automation system has to offer, Extreme AVS has the knowledge and tools to get you started. Here are some valuable reasons for installing a home automation system.


Energy usage is expensive, and the majority of home energy expenses are through heating and cooling. While programmable thermostats are great, we have to remember to set them. With home automation, you can save money each month on your energy bill without having to worry about managing the settings. As stated above, green technology through home automation can lower temperature on water heaters when no one is home as well as recognize the appliances that are unnecessarily running in the background and drawing energy. Not only will you save money on your energy costs with a home automation system, many home insurance companies now offer discounts to homeowners who have home automation security systems. With a home automated security system, you will be alerted to any windows or doors that are broken and forced open as well as damaged water pipes and leaks, smoke and carbon monoxide and any other problems that can lead to major damage in your home.


Simply put, having a home automation system makes life easier as well as safer. A learning thermostat will keep you comfortable and be able to turn your lights on and off from anywhere will give you peace of mine. Just knowing you can check on your pet and view, you’re your children interacting with their caregiver while you are at work can ease your worry. Rest assured that you can go on vacation knowing that your home is monitored and protected should fire, or home invasion occurs. Unsure if you locked your door on your way out to work? Not a problem. You can easily lock your door from your smartphone. Heading home late at night? The system also allows you to turn your lights on before you get home so you can feel safe walking into a well-lit house. The conveniences are endless.

Contact Extreme AVS for more information on how we can help you with installing a home theater or a full home automation system! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and set up a home appointment to get you started.


Our home theater is just amazing. We couldn’t have asked for better knowledge and professionalism from the Extreme AVS crew. We love to entertain, so this new addition to our home has been a big hit with family and friends. I highly recommend Extreme AVS for anyone who needs home automation!

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