Sagaponack Home Automation

Back to the future!

Some of you may remember the movie Back to the Future. We watched in wonder as we saw futuristic wireless gaming and wall-mounted wireless televisions thinking it would be so cool if these things really existed. Well, here we are over 30 years later, and we are enjoying all of these technologies now.

Now that everyone and their grandmother has a smartphone, the technological possibilities are endless since we can control many things with our handheld devices and tablets. It has been predicted by technology experts that every home in the US will be a “smarthome” in the near future. From home theaters, outdoor A/V solutions and whole house audio to home automation, lighting control and more, here are a few reasons why having a home automation system is a great benefit for you and your family:

Save energy

As humans, we often forget things such as leaving a door or window open that lets in cold air. How many of you can relate to your kids leaving lights on in their bedroom or the bathroom as they exit? A home automation system can alert you a number of everyday things that we often forget about. We leave our appliances and electronics plugged in for convenience, but we don’t think about how it depletes energy whether we are using them or not. This is known as phantom energy or vampire power. A home automation system can regulate appliances that use phantom energy and turn them on and off as needed. Home automation is a great way to save energy without having to even think about it.

Go green and save money

You can go green and save more green too! Home automation offers the benefit of saving you energy costs by using less which obviously is good for the environment. Since we often leave lights on, forget to lower the thermostat before leaving the house, we are incurring energy costs as well as wasting energy every day. While you may have a programmable thermostat that was designed to save you money, it may not be entirely efficient if you forget to set it manually. By implementing a home automation system, you can ensure that your home remains comfortable yet energy is being used efficiently and costs effectively.

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When my husband wanted to finish the basement in our home, he really had the vision to incorporate a home theater. We interviewed several companies to do the job, but none were as knowledgeable and professional as the staff at Extreme AVS. The job is now complete, and we are ready for Superbowl Sunday next week! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We will recommend Extreme AVS to all of our friends and family that are looking for a home automation system.

Maria D. Sagaponack, NY

We proudly serve all areas of the Hamptons including Sagaponack which is home to the Madoo Conservancy. The beautiful lush gardens and historic structures on the conservancy were established by famous writer Robert Dash in 1967. He had a passion not just for writing but art and gardening as well.