Sag Harbor Home Automation

Everyone wants to put extra money back into their pocket!

Running a home is expensive. Besides a mortgage, you have utility expenses, fuel and electric costs, water bills, as well as homeowners insurance and more. However, there is a way to make life just a little bit easier just by turning your average home into a “smarthome.” Although you may think you are already doing everything you can to be cost effective and energy efficient, you may not know what a home automation system can do for you and your family.

So maybe you are using programmable thermostats and lighting, and you may be seeing some savings but what happens when you forget to set your thermostat or lighting timers? Don’t fret! Extreme AVS has the knowledge and tools to get you started. From home theaters to home automation, here is some insight on how you can save more money in the long run.


It’s no mystery that energy usage is expensive. Most energy costs come from heating and cooling the home. Although programmable thermostats can help cut costs, you need to make sure you remember to set them. Home automation is a great way to save you money each month on your energy bill, and you don’t have to worry about managing settings. Home automation allows for temperature control on water heaters when no one is home as well as pinpoint the appliances that are drawing energy just by being plugged in. This type of energy use is often referred to as “phantom energy, ” and many people don’t realize how electronics and appliances that aren’t in use can still add to their energy bill.

Home automation can also give you savings on your homeowner’s insurance. Many insurance companies are now offering discounts to those who have an automated security system installed. With home security automation, you will get alerts if any windows or doors are broken and forced open. Damaged water pipes and leaks, smoke and carbon monoxide or any other problems in your home will be monitored by a home automation system to keep you and your family safe.

Contact Extreme AVS for more information on how we can help you with installing a home theater or a full home automation system! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and set up a home appointment to get you started.


We recently just purchased our summer home in Sag Harbor. Since we live NYC, we wanted to incorporate a home automation system to keep our property safe as well as be able to monitor it while we are in the city. Extreme AVS was recommended to us by one of our friends who also has a house in Sag Harbor, and we are glad we took their recommendation. We had a great experience. They were professional as well as knowledgeable, and we couldn’t be happier.

Anthony V. Sag Harbor

We proudly serve all areas of the Hamptons including Sag Harbor. During the Christmas Season, the historic art-deco style Sag Harbor Cinema Harbor was destroyed in a fire. The local residents are hoping to raise money in the efforts to restore the theater which was built in the 1930’s.